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Things to see in Amsterdam

Wow, been a while since my last post hasn’t it? But I couldn’t see out 2017 without a final travel post. So this one is about things you can see and do in Amsterdam, which I visited twice this year. 

Let me first start by saying that Amsterdam is so easy to get to.

From London, the flight time is about 45 minutes. By the time you’ve burst through the clouds the air hostesses are already preparing for landing. Once you get out of the airport, you’re into the train station where you can get a train straight into Amsterdam’s Centraal Station in just under 20 minutes.… Click here to continue reading

A weekend in Budapest

What a beautiful city Budapest is. When we were taking a taxi to our Airbnb, not to be shady, but I was surprised by how beautiful the city was. Lovely architecture, very clean and nice people. Here’s a run down on how I spent my 3 days.

Day 1

We arrived in Budapest at midday and went straight to our Airbnb. The taxi from the airport cost us 6,800 forint between 4 of us and at this time the exchange rate was about 350 forint to 1 pound. All in all, it was pretty cheap between 4.

Our taxi driver was really lovely and rather dishy in a lothario kind of way.… Click here to continue reading

Madrid Travel Itinerary: Part 3

Day 3

9. Taste mouthwatering pastries and cakes at La Mallorquina
La Mallorquina

La Mallorquina

In the morning we went to a bakery called La Mallorquina right on the corner of Puerta del Sol/Calle Mayor. Every time we walked past it was always filled with people so we were keen to try it out. When I tell you the moment I walked in I literally began to salivate at the sight of all the different pastries and cakes, like someone who had been stranded in the desert for weeks. Upstairs they have a seating area where I ordered a ham and cheese bun which was smoked ham and cheese in a sweetly glazed croissant.

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Madrid Travel Itinerary: Part 2

If you are have just landed here and are a bit confused have a read of my Madrid Travel Itinerary: Part 1 – if not the travel itinerary continues below.

Day 2

As my friend and I continued our exploration of Spain’s capital city, here is what we got up to on the second day of our trip.

 6. Visit another rooftop bar

The Hat - Rooftop Bar - Madrid

The Hat – Rooftop Bar

As you can imagine after getting in at 5 we weren’t exactly early to rise for Day 2. We managed to climb our way out of bed by 10:30/11 had the calamari sandwich and then spent ages trying to get to the park but didn’t make it so instead we turned back and went to another rooftop bar called The Hat which is also a hostel.… Click here to continue reading

Madrid Travel Itinerary: Part 1

A bit of background info

So here is the rundown on my trip to Madrid. Before we launch right in I think it’s worth mentioning that I took this trip with a fellow travel-loving friend of mine. Both of us have backpacked for various stints of time but as fully fledged working gals this Madrid trip was a bank holiday weekend city break. So instead of backpacking, we took a flash-packing approach to this trip. Read on to find out more.

First of all, we flew Ryanair from Stansted to Madrid on Thursday evening after escaping a long day of work.… Click here to continue reading