If you are have just landed here and are a bit confused have a read of my Madrid Travel Itinerary: Part 1 – if not the travel itinerary continues below.

Day 2

As my friend and I continued our exploration of Spain’s capital city, here is what we got up to on the second day of our trip.

 6. Visit another rooftop bar

The Hat - Rooftop Bar - Madrid

The Hat – Rooftop Bar

As you can imagine after getting in at 5 we weren’t exactly early to rise for Day 2. We managed to climb our way out of bed by 10:30/11 had the calamari sandwich and then spent ages trying to get to the park but didn’t make it so instead we turned back and went to another rooftop bar called The Hat which is also a hostel. This one wasn’t as nice as Belles Artes and was free to enter but if you’re looking for a rooftop this could be another option.

El Tigre Tapas Bar

El Tigre Tapas Bar

7. Indulge is some FREE tapas

An interesting fact we learned whilst in Madrid was that tapas was originally food that was offered freely by bars to Spaniards who were drinking during the day to prevent them getting drunk and then returning to work sloshed. So it was recommended that we go to a place called El Tigre where you order your drink and you’re provided a plate of tapas along with it. Which was great because 2 drinks in and we were super full and unable to finish the tapas. I think Britain could learn a lot from the Spanish governments philosophy here. Don’t try to prevent drinking with taxes just give us free food!

8. Get lost in the twirling flamenco show

Villa Rosa Flamenco Show

Villa Rosa Flamenco Show

Then we set off for Villa Rosa, the oldest flamenco venue in Madrid, to watch their flamenco show which was probably the highlight of my trip. This cost €35 including one drink and the show was an hour long starting at 8:30pm. I had never seen a flamenco show before so I had zero idea of what to expect or whether I’d even like it. But it was incredible. Their performances were so captivating and what struck me was the way the performers reacted to each other’s solos. It was as if they were watching it for the first time with new eyes like I was. I’m assuming however that is not the case since they have 2 shows a day every day. But I think it is this is definitely something you shouldn’t miss.

If you are looking for a cheaper option try Casa Patas which is €25 and is a 2-hour show but is meant to be the better in terms of the performances or some people say it’s too long. If I had had longer I probably would have tried to see both but if you end up trying either Villa Rosa or Casa Patas let me know your thoughts.