Day 3

9. Taste mouthwatering pastries and cakes at La Mallorquina
La Mallorquina

La Mallorquina

In the morning we went to a bakery called La Mallorquina right on the corner of Puerta del Sol/Calle Mayor. Every time we walked past it was always filled with people so we were keen to try it out. When I tell you the moment I walked in I literally began to salivate at the sight of all the different pastries and cakes, like someone who had been stranded in the desert for weeks. Upstairs they have a seating area where I ordered a ham and cheese bun which was smoked ham and cheese in a sweetly glazed croissant. It was so yummy I can taste it now. Because I love to eat I also ordered a chocolate neapolitan with a freshly squeezed orange juice. Ahh take me back!

10. Join the Sunday crowd down at El Rastro
El rastro - Sunday flea market

El rastro – Sunday flea market

As it was a Sunday, we decided to head over to La Latina to check out the Sunday flea market El Rastro. The market was huge and I didn’t end up buying much but it was really nice to walk around and see what was on offer. I don’t know how busy it would normally be but as it was May bank holiday weekend I think it may have added to the busyness of the market. The streets were packed with people having a look at what the different vendors had to offer and seemed to continue on forever.

After about an hour and a half of market shopping, we took a trip to a bar called Casa Lucas that had been recommended by a friend. This was a nice little bar where we sat down and ordered some wine and had a few nibbles.
11. Row, row, row your boat down at Parque de El Retiro
El Retiro Park

El Retiro Park

Next on the itinerary was to actually make it to the El Retiro park. Which we did! There’s a beautiful lake in the park where you can take out a paddle boat for up to 4 adults for 45 minutes for a mere €8. So we did exactly that which was really nice.

Having enjoyed Rosi la Locas so much we decided to go back here for some food but as we went around 5 there was no more lunch time menu but the food was still equally delicious and the staff really friendly.
12. Watch the sun sink into the hemisphere from the Debode Temple
To round off the day we went to the Egyptian temple (Debode temple) to watch the sunset at 9pm. This was a really nice thing to do in the evening before you go and grab dinner. There was a decent crowd of people up there all waiting for the sun to come down together.
13. Dine 1700s style at the oldest restaurant in the world
Sobrino de Botín - oldest restaurant in the world

Sobrino de Botín – oldest restaurant in the world

But the night didn’t end there. On our tour, we had learned that Madrid houses the oldest restaurant in the world (Sobrino de Botín) having been in operation since 1725. So this was somewhere we felt we had to eat as people had raved about the food but the only available booking they had was for 11:15pm! We still went of course and just planned our eating times throughout the day. We thought at that point we’d be the only ones there but if visiting Madrid has taught me anything it’s that the Spaniards aren’t going to let a little thing like time dictate their day. Everything starts later in Madrid. We both ordered specialty dishes, the lamb and the pork, and we were both happy campers. The meat was really well cooked, the wine was good, and we had a white chocolate cheesecake for dessert that was so fluffy and light it’s the closest I’ll ever get to eating a white chocolate flavoured cloud.

It was a great way to round off our weekend in Madrid and I would definitely recommend. All in all for 4 nights, including accommodation, I spent about £350/£400. I could have done it for cheaper but having been a backpacker it was nice this time round to be able to splash a bit more on activities knowing that I have the money to.